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Human Design is a complex system that helps you to fully understand yourself and therefore learn to accept and love yourself. 

It combines elements of old traditional systems like Astrology, I-Ching, Kaballah and the Hindu Chakra teaching, with elements of quantum physics, genetics, psychology and sociology. Altogether we get a system which shows the energetic constitution of the individual and how it interacts with others and the field around them.


In a Human Design Reading with me you will understand how your unique energy flow works and how you can utilise it in order to move through life with more ease. It shows you how you can embrace your uniqueness and potentials. It will give you the words to describe your internal and external processes and therefore to understand yourself and others better. With this understanding, you will be able to accept yourself with all your characteristics and work with your energies instead of against them. 

My Readings include:



-Partner Reading 

-Transformation Package



I am also a trained and certified hypnosis, reiki and soundbath practitioner. At the moment I do not offer private individual sessions, however you can book me for group events, retreats or festivals. 

Get in touch via mail please for requests and prices:

Currently also offering group classes each Monday 19-20 o'clock at  OHIA Studio in Berlin


Maybe you have a theme or maybe you just need general guidance and more clarity at this point in life. In an energy reading, I use the tools of Numerology, Human Design, Astrology, Tarot and my Intuition to help you find clarity. If you want to experience the full spectrum of my knowledge, this is the right offer for you. Book HERE


I offer 1-1 mentoring in Human Design, so you understand the system and learn how to give accurate chart readings. We will connect once per week for a teaching input and you will get valuable audio, video and written information along with that, for your self paced studies. 

The mentoring is a mix of learning the system for your own self understanding, as well as how to work with clients in order to give readings. 

Get in tough through email for inquiries:



Authenticity and Selflove

My name is Leandra Haupt and I am a 6/3 sacral Generator.

As a typical 6/3 profile I tried out a lot of different things in my life; professionally but also in my private life. As I entered the second life stage of a 6 line which starts about 28, I slowly found my path and direction. Without knowing my Human Design back then, I intuitively followed my correct strategy and got led to be a certified hypnosis, reiki and soundhealing practitioner.


My path always felt correct to me in the moment, but it was not until Human Design found me, that I immediately had an inner knowing that sharing this amazing knowledge is my life purpose. There has never been anything in my life before (besides the Harry Potter books) that has set me on fire as much as Human Design does. Having that deep inner knowing that I´m meant to help people with this magical tool to discover, accept and love themselves on a deep level, is lighting me up each day. With my Incarnation Cross of the Left Angle Cross of Cycles, I attract people who are in a process of upcoming change and  bring them the energy to start a new cycle. 

So if you feel called, to work with me and feel the magic of Human Design for yourself and a new cycle of deep transformation, get in touch! 




The Beginners Human Design Reading covers:

Your Type 

Your Energetic Strategy

Your Decision Making Process

Your Energycenters

Your Profile

No need for previous knowledge. I will guide you through the process :)

90 Minutes / 155€

Gift Voucher




This Reading requires basic knowledge of Human Design and covers a Deepdive into the possible themes of: 



-Physical Health 

-Current Energies 

After the booking, I will get in touch with you to further determine your topic of the session. 

ANGEBOT   60 Minutes / 111€




The Composite Char Reading analyses two Charts together and the relationship between two people. This is suitbale for: 


-Work Partners

-Parent / Child

This Reading requires to have had a Beginners Reading before or a good understanding of both parties of their own charts.

90 Minutes - 222€




The Transformation Package covers:

Beginner Reading

Consecutive Reading

Hypnosis Session

PDF Transformation Booklet

Affirmation Audio



You can become a prime listener to my podcast and get access to all episodes for as little as 2,99€ / month. 

Or listen to the free episodes all on Human Design.


Go over to YouTube can check out my content on Human Design, Personal Development and Spirituality.


I offer selected 1-1 mentorships for you to become a Human Design specialist. My program includes all foundational knowledge of Human Design with the following curriculum: 

1) Origin and General Understanding of HD 

2) Centers and Channels

3) Circuitry

4)  Type 

5) Authority 

6) Profiles 

7) Gates

8) Interpretation of a Chart 

9) Giving professional Readings 

10) Q&A

Meetings happen weekly over zoom and you will be given little homework to establish and practise the knowledge.

The duration of the mentorship will be approximately 3 months, but we adapt to your individual learning pace. 

After the program you will be able to give accurate readings and use it either professionally or for your personal use. 


Early Bird Price


Contact me:


I have done already around 1000 readings with clients and I am moved by the amazing feedback every time. Here just a short snippet of what clients say about my work. 


5/1 Emotional MG

From booking only a beginners reading, I already came to 4 more sessions with Leandra. She is such an expert on the theme of Human Design. The information and wisdom I got out from my sessions, were groundbreaking and transformative for me and I don´t want to miss her coaching anymore.  


3/5 Ego Manifestor

I already took 5 readings with Leandra plus all workshops. I am so enthusiastic about it, because it just improved my life on so many levels and I came to understand my self so much more. Leandra does the readings with so much passion and dedication, that it impacts me every time. 


5/2 Splenic Projector

I already had 3 readings with Leandra and through that, became such a fan of Human Design. She has the special skill of explaining the themes in a very approachable way. Her positive energy and passion for Human Design is also infectious and I always feel so motivated and inspired after  the sessions. Her work is so transforming, healing and therapeutic. 


4/6 Sacral Generator

I "randomly" discovered Leandra while searching for a podcast on Human Design in August 2022.  Since then, I've had three readings, each one getting into more detail.  Leandra has a calm, gentle energy and is able to clearly explain all the various elements in a Human Design chart with clarity and simplicity.  I recommend her to everyone I know!


2/4 Emotional Manifestor

The session with Leandra brought so many insights and was very thought provoking. It helped me so much to see through my process and my transformation. Thank you so much!


1/3 Emotional Projector

I came across Leandra through a recommendation by a friend. I have taken three readings and what can I say- absolutely everyone should be informed about their personal human design, regardless if you are looking for clarity and guidance in your life. And it goes without saying that I highly recommend Leandra. She is very knowledgeable and always finds answers to my questions. I like her powerful aura and presence during the sessions. A thousand thanks again Leandra! 
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