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Find your inner beauty and shine your light!

Do you know these kind of people who "just own it"?

People who have that special vibe, that makes a person incredibly beautiful,

no matter how they look or what body size they are?

No matter what size, you can feel confident, sexy and beautiful with your body 

and get that "charisma" that catches everyones attention. 

The secret lies in loving and accepting yourself; coming home to your body, your temple. 

Society has taught us we have to look and behave a certain way,

but now its time to free yourself and connect back to your inner truth.

So you do not need to waste more time worrying about your looks,

but can come into your full power and start being the person you truly are.

Shine your beauty inside out! 


My Coaching


Hypnosis goes deep into your subconscious and reprograms the negative believes you have about yourself. It helps you heal on a deep level, so you can walk your path with strength, confidence and beauty. 

Healthy habits are the key to feel good in your body and be striving in all areas of your life. Your body already has all the knowledge on what is good for you. 

I am here for you to awaken your intuition again, so you can be in full trust with yourself and connect to your inner god*dess and find out what is right for you. 


Selfworth is the base for confidence and therefore a happy and fulfilled life.  

What you think about yourself, reflects on all areas of life, including your body, your weight and your charisma.

I´ll show you the most effective tools and practises for selflove and  



Matt W.

"Leandra allowed me to dive deep with the hypnotherapy and help me to face and unravel my worries and concerns. Throughtout the whole session I felt safe and understood. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy to anyone who would like to work through an issue that they are currently facing in life. "


You would like to feel really comfortable in your body?

You would like to accept and love yourself fully and completely?

You are ready sick of thinking all day long about how you look and judging yourself?

You are ready to step into your full power and potential?

You want to feel pure happy and healthy with your body?

Then my coaching is for you! Get in touch for a free discovery call now...

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