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“You are what you´ve been looking for



I am a certified hypnosis coach and offer sessions to many different topics. It is a very effective tool to heal stress, trauma, bad habits, fears and sleeping problems. Hypnosis is also used to connect to your inner child, forgiving work, loosing weight and  becoming a nonsmoker. I offer session in person with integrated soundhealing and reiki as well as sessions through zoom. 


In my 12 week program, I help you to find the connection to yourself again and trust in yourself and life.

Learn how to accept and love yourself, because thats the base to walk your authentic path and find purpose in your life. 


In a Human Design Reading you can discover your true self and it can help you live in full alignment. 

Readings are held through zoom and take about 120 minutes. You´ll get an insight of your type, strategy, authority, special skills and challenges as well as your life purpose. 


My podcast PURE HAPPY HEALTHY is all about modern spirituality, personal development and alternative lifestyle. 

Each Friday you can expect a new interview episode with a special guest. Available wherever you like to listen to podcasts. 



My name is Leandra Haupt and I´m here to help you step into your full power and feel connected to yourself again. Let me support you with my coaching and hypnosis offers, my inspirational podcast PURE HAPPY HEALTHY and my beautiful handmade earrings.

As you can already see, I love to do many different things all at once, because I see life as a constant learning experience and don´t let any limits hold me back. Throughout my journey I discovered that more you live true to your own values, the happier you´ll become.

With my work, I want to bring you all the ressources you need to find your inner self, so you can get into full power and live your most "pure happy healthy" life possible. 



Hypnosis is a state of trance in which suggestions can be given to create change on a subconscious level. These suggestions can go very deep and therefore reprogram negative beliefs or behaviours and help to heal from the core.

We will discuss your topic in detail before doing the hypnosis and get clear on all your questions and goals. 

I host personal private sessions in Berlin which include elements of sound healing and reiki, for a more holistic experience. The sounds of crystal- and therapeutic bowls can help to go even deeper and create subconscious healing. 

Hypnosis sessions are also offered through zoom, which are just as effective as in person. The price for a personal holistic session is 125€ and takes around 90 minutes. A hypnosis session through zoom costs 80€ and takes about 75 minutes. 




Human Design is a spiritual science based on old traditional wisdom and combined with modern science and quantum physics. It is a complex system that can help you understand your energy constitution and aura better. With this knowledge, you can cultivate self acceptance and then self love. It also helps you understand that every person is different and therefore makes you able to hold space for others and connect on a more profound level. 

In my readings, I give you an overview of your energytype and how you can use your energy in the best way. You´ll also find out about the way you move through life, your purpose in this lifetime, your special abilities and challenges. 

I reading costs 125€ and takes about 120 minutes. 




You are constantly on the search but you never feel like you get or archive what you are looking for?

If you don´t start looking inside yourself, you wont be able to truly find what you are looking for. Because it is you that you are actually searching. ​

Everything you need to have a happy and fulfilled life, lies already within you! Only conditioning, limiting believes, old programming and behaviours still limit you. They are hard to discover and solve yourself though, thats why I would love to support you on this journey to find, accept and love yourself. 

The program consists of 12 one-on-one zoom sessions based on your human design, working with different coaching tools, hypnosis, a journaling booklet, video and audio bonus material, 24 hour mail contact. 

If you are ready now to go on this beautiful journey to yourself, write me a mail and I´ll be in touch shortly for a discovery call. 

​I´m looking forward to hearing from you! 

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I want to inspire you  to live your best life!

There are over 100 episodes already with interviews with inspiring people speaking all about modern spirituality, personal development and alternative lifestyles. 

If you are on your path to finding yourself and authenticity, this show is for you! 

Its highly appreciated if you leave me a five star review on apple podcasts and share the podcast with a friend who could benefit from it :)


Matt W.

"Leandra allowed me to dive deep with the hypnotherapy and help me to face and unravel my worries and concerns. Throughout the whole session I felt safe and understood. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy to anyone who would like to work through an issue that they are currently facing in life. "


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