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You are unique
You are enough




Human Design is a personality assessment tool and also known as a spiritual science. It combines elements of old traditional systems like Astrology, I-Ching, Kaballah and the Hindu Chakra teaching with quantum physics, genetics and psychology. Altogether we get a complex system which shows the energy constitution of the individual. As it is so specific, it can give information about physical aspects like nutrition and environment, but also on a much deeper level like life purpose, you unique strategy in life and decision making processes. 

With the knowledge of Human Design you can realise your uniqueness and potentials. It will give you the words to describe your internal and external processes and therefore to understand yourself and others better. With this understanding, you will be able to accept yourself with all your characteristics and work with your energies instead of against them. 

In a family or couple reading, you can then also understand the dynamics between yourself and the other and find the strategies for improving all your relationships. 


You can also buy a gift voucher for a loved one for all the different types of offers. The regular price applies and vouchers are valid for one year only for the gifted person. 


You can also book me for an event to do a live reading or for your retreat / coaching program or company. 

Get in touch via mail please for requests and prices. 


Do you want to get to know yourself better and align with your energy? Then the BASIC READING is for you. It is the ultimate start to dive into the concept of Human Design and your unique chart. 

Are you already familiar with your chart? Then you can book the DEEPDIVE  READING to look into one specific area of your life through the lense of Human Design. 

Do you wanna understand your partner and your relationship better? Then the COUPLE READING is your right match. Requires that both people have done a basic reading before or good knowledge of their own chart.

Are you ready to awaken your full potential and go deep? Then the TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE is for you. It includes a basic reading, a pdf booklet with information suited to your needs, and 2 followup calls to integrate the knowledge to your everyday life. 


My show "The Human Design Podcast" will help you to get a better understanding of the topic and make it applicable to your own life. 

Each Wednesday you can expect a new interview or soloepisode.  Available wherever you like to listen to podcasts. 




My name is Leandra Haupt and I am a 6/3 Generator.

As a typical 6/3 profile I tried out a lot of different things in my life; professionally but also in my private life. As I entered the second life stage of a 6 line which starts about 28, I slowly found my path and direction. Without knowing my Human Design back then, I intuitively followed my correct strategy and got led to be a certified hypnosis, reiki and soundhealing practitioner.


My path always felt correct to me in the moment, but it was not until Human Design found me, that I immediately had an inner knowing that this was my life purpose. There has never been anything in my life before (besides the Harry Potter books) that has set me on fire as much as Human Design does. Having that deep inner knowing that I´m meant to help people with this magical tool to discover, accept and love themselves on a deep level, is lighting me up each day again. With my Incarnation Cross of the Left Angle Cross of Cycles, I attract people who are in a process of upcoming change and  bring them the energy to start a new cycle. 

So if you feel called, to work with me and feel the magic of Human Design for yourself and a new cycle of deep transformation, get in touch! 

Hypnosis, Reiki and Soundhealing are beautiful modalities as well, to let go of limiting beliefs and heal from a subconscious level. They are a beautiful addition to the Human Design System. 

For more information, you can also check out my show "The Human Design Podcast"

which you find on all podcast platforms or my former podcast "Pure Happy Healthy"


In a Basic Human Design Reading we will have a deep look into your chart and speak about your energy type, aura, strategy, decision making process, the centers, special traits and skills that you bring, as well as challenges. 


The Deepdive Reading is for existing clients who would like to get deeper into one specific aspect of the chart. You can choose what topic you want to speak about and get deeper insights on with Human Design.Also if you have specific questions you can send them beforehand.

ONLY 99€



Basic: 90 Minutes 155€ - 222€*

Deepdive: 60 minutes ONLY 99€

*As I wanna make my readings affordable to everyone, the price is on a sliding scale. Depending on the country you live and the amount of money you make, the price might feel different. So I let you decide how abundant you feel and which price within the sliding scale you´re able to pay. 

Gift Voucher



The partner reading is for two people, who would like to understand their connection with each under better and how you can love and support one another. 

We will look into your individual style of relating and how you come together. We will speak about your strengths as a couple but also about the challenges that could come up and how to overcome them for a truly awakened and fulfilled partnership. 

 90 Minutes 222€-299€*

*As I wanna make my readings affordable to everyone, the price is on a sliding scale. Depending on the country you live and the amount of money you make, the price might feel different. So I let you decide how abundant you feel and which price within the sliding scale you´re able to pay. 




Do you want deep transformation? Then my package is for you! You will get 3 readings and a beautiful booklet with more information on your uniqueness as well as journaling prompts on how to integrate the knowledge to your everyday life. 

This package is as unique as yourself. We will look specifically at your needs so you can strive on all levels. 

Package: 1x90 minutes 2x60 minutes

Plus abundant booklet





With my show "The Human Design Podcast" I want to give you an insight on the Human Design System and make it accessible for your life. 

Each Wednesday I´m releasing a solo-episode or interview with another expert on the topic. 

You can find it everywhere you listen to your podcast. 

If you are a Human Design Expert as well and would like to be a guest on my show, please get in touch. 

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