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Hello Beautiful

Imagine you had a body that you love, feeling completely confident and full of energy each day.

Imagine you would get up with effortless ease, excited for the day up to come. 

Imagine you let your intuition guide you from the food you eat to the decisions you make.

Heres the good news: everything you can imagine, is possible and  therefore can become your reality. 

Sometimes it might feel challenging to believe in yourself though, and hard to motivate yourself to get there. 

That is why I am here to support you: in my one on one coaching we look at your specific needs and goals

and how you can reach them. Every person is different and therefore my coaching is designed to go deep 

with you and assist you in all aspects that still may be healed and improve. 




Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to work with the subconscious mind and reprogram any limitations. I can help you with hypnosis, to get the body shape that is right for you and your wellbeing. Hypnosis can get you to live sugar free, help to loose weight or just get back self confidence, self love and overcome stress.

Healthy eating habits are the key to feel good in your body and be striving in all areas of your life. Your body already has all the knowledge on which food is good for you. Forget all the diets on the books, healthy eating is a lifestyle and not connected to any refrains. 

I am here for you to awaken your intuition again, so you can be in full trust with yourself and find out what is right for you in terms of food but also in your decisions and on how you would like to liv your life.


Selfworth and selflove are the base to a fulfilled and happy life. What you think about yourself, reflects on all areas of your life, including your relationships, your job, your finances, your body. Lets get started with daily routines and practises that will change completely the way you see yourself, how others see you and how life treats you. 



Matt W.

"Leandra allowed me to dive deep with the hypnotherapy and help me to face and unravel my worries and concerns. Throughtout the whole session I felt safe and understood. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy to anyone who would like to work through an issue that they are currently facing in life. "

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