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You are unique
You are enough




In a Human Design Basic Reading you can discover your true self and it can help you live in full alignment. 

You´ll get an insight of your type, strategy, authority, special skills and challenges as well as your life purpose. The Readings are held through zoom and take about 120 minutes.

If you already know your basics and would like to dive deeper into one specific topic, you can book a 60 minute session with me. The costs are 90€ 


Basic: 90 Minutes - 111€ (125US$)

Deepdive: 60 Minutes - 90€


Human Design does not only help you understand yourself, but also explains the dynamic in out relationships. As each person is absolutely individual, also the connections that we create show very specific traits. In a relationship reading we look into these dynamics and see where two people create bonds and where there might be possible challenges and how you can overcome them to improve your connection with another. 

A reading takes 2 hours and is held through zoom. 


I offer online hypnosis sessions on your specific topic. If you are based in Berlin, I offer a full spectrum treatment in person which include Hypnosis, Reiki and Soundhealing modalities. 

Zoom: 60 Minutes - 90€ (111US$)

In Person: 90 Minutes 125€ 


My show "The Human Design Podcast" will help you to get a better understanding of the topic and make it applicable to your own life. 

Each Wednesday you can expect a new interview or soloepisode.  Available wherever you like to listen to podcasts. 




My name is Leandra Haupt and I am a 6/3 Generator.

As a typical 6/3 profile I tried out a lot of different things in my life; professionally but also in my private life. As I entered the second life stage of a 6 line which starts about 28, I slowly found my path and direction. Without knowing my Human Design back then, I intuitively followed my correct strategy and got led to be a certified hypnosis, reiki and soundhealing practitioner.


My path always felt correct to me in the moment, but it was not until Human Design found me, that I immediately had an inner knowing that this was my life purpose. There has never been anything in my life before (besides the Harry Potter books) that has set me on fire as much as Human Design does. Having that deep inner knowing that I´m meant to help people with this magical tool to discover, accept and love themselves on a deep level, is lighting me up each day again. If you feel called, to work with me and feel the magic of Human Design for yourself, get in touch! 

Hypnosis, Reiki and Soundhealing are beautiful modalities as well, to let go of limiting beliefs and heal from a subconscious level. They are a beautiful addition to the Human Design System. 

For more information, you can also check out my show "The Human Design Podcast"

which you find on all podcast platforms or my former podcast "Pure Happy Healthy"




Human Design is a spiritual science based on old traditional wisdom and combined with modern science and quantum physics. It is a complex system that can help you understand your energy constitution and aura better. With this knowledge, you can cultivate self acceptance and then self love. It also helps you understand that every person is different and therefore makes you able to hold space for others and connect on a more profound level. 

In my readings, I give you an overview of your energy type and how you can use your energy in the best way. You´ll also find out about the way you move through life, your purpose in this lifetime, your special abilities and challenges. 

You already know the basics of your Human Design and are currently in the process of integrating it to your life?

There will always be moments when you feel stuck or you might not do how to actually apply the knowledge in your everyday life. 


Therefore I also offer deepdive sessions to specific topics or questions you have, to make Human Design more approachable for you. 




With hypnosis its possible to go deep into the subconscious mind and reprogram habits or believe patterns. It is a very powerful tool to help with stress, anxiety, weightloss, fears of all kind, insomnia and to quit smoking. 

In Berlin; Germany I offer private sessions with a combination of hypnosis, reiki and soundhealing. This practise helps especially people who tend to overthink and have problems of letting go. The holistic program will release blockages and restore body and mind. 




With my show "The Human Design Podcast" I want to give you an insight on the Human Design System and make it accessible for your life. 

Each Wednesday I´m releasing a solo-episode or interview with another expert on the topic. 

You can find it everywhere you listen to your podcast. 




"Nachdem ich mit Human Design das erste mal in Kontakt kam, bin ich von dem dem Ergebnis und der Besprechung mit Leandra überwältigt."


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