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Relaxed Bali

Updated: Mar 9

My spiritual journey started 7 years ago on Bali. It is a highly energetically charged place, which attracts a certain crowd of people and will repel others. These kind of locations are navigating in waves, so I see mostly emotionally defined people gravitating towards them.

It can be pretty exhausting for an emotionally open person like myself, but for sure a good learning lesson. So if you are on a spiritual journey or would like to explore the highs and lows of life, as well as great food, coffee and stunning nature, Bali is for you.

The Safety in Southeast Asia is generally really good and makes it easy for traveling, even for solo females. Specifically Bali as its Hindu is one of the most secure places on earth I´d argue. You still wanna check on your money when going to an exchange booth or when using a taxi ect. Besides that you won´t need to worry much about your wellbeing and belongings.

The Energy on Bali is very floaty and in my perception also very intense. I would describe it as "feminine" and "emotional" meaning, there are intense ups and downs. I guess in order to feel good on the island, you need to either have a similar energy or want to blend in with it.

Getting around on the Island is easiest, when having an own scooter which you can rent in many local places. However if you do not feel comfortable with the intense traffic, you can download the app "Grab" or "Go-Jek" and get a moto-taxi ride for very little money. If you need more space, they also offer cheap car taxi rides and even home delivery services of all kinds.

Different places have very different vibes on Bali. I have only spend time in Uluwatu, Seminyak, Canggu area and Ubud. Each of these places is very different and will serve different needs.

Uluwatu is a surfers spot and has a chilled and layed back vibe. You will find nice restaurants, coffee shops and the best beaches Bali has to offer. The sunsets are incredible to watch from here. In the last years it got more expensive though and difficult to find good accommodation.

Seminyak & Canguu area are more busy and have the most tourist flow. If you are looking for a busy time with nightlife, coworking spaces, events ect, its for you. In my experience this area has the best culinary options available and its almost impossible to try it all.

Ubud was personally my favourite place, where I also spend the most time. It is surrounded by jungle and rice fields which gives it a lush and vibrant experience. It can be a bit busy in the center, but if you know where to go its beautiful and has great events and community.

Uluwatu and Bukit


Suka Espresso

Drifter Surf Shop and Cafe



Jinje Roots



Jeye Warung

Local Warung




Canggu & Area



ZIN Cafe




Warung Bu Mi

ARTE (Pizza)

ZALI (Lebenese)

The Secret Spot

Shady Shack

Luigis Pizza


Word Hummus





Seniman (absolute favourite)

Monkey Cave Espresso



Sawobali (best vegan buffet ever)

L´Osteria Pizza

Zest (vegan)

Alchemy (vegan)

Dapur Usada (Ayurvedic)

9 Angels (vegan buffet)


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