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If you had 1Billion on your bank account and already got everything you ever wanted; what would you spend your days with? That is your purpose...

What gets us up in the morning is not the coffee. Don't get me wrong; as a barista I love coffee and it for sure motivates me to leave my cosy and warm bed in the morning, but what truely gets me excited to start my day is one simple word: purpose.

Besides shelter, food, water, sex and human connection, purpose is probably the most important basic need every human wants to experience. Like a nice thick milk foam on the coffee, purpose is what makes our lives fulfilled and happy instead of just living because of the pure raw existence. We often find purpose in our work, but it can also easily be confused with work. Especially in the US I found people asking straight away about the job and the income when meeting first, so there is a lot of pressure to archive a title, a certain amount of money on the bank account and status. But what if I got the money and the job but I am not fulfilled with what I am doing? Some might find a purpose aside from that and others take a job that is aligned with their purpose, which is the most beautiful experience one can have. So how can we understand purpose now? In my definition it is the entity of dedication to a cause which is serving someone or something to make a positive impact in the world. Each person has a divine unique gift that wants to be lived. Thats why our souls choose to be on earth and make this experience in a human body. We are all part of a bigger whole and therefore a part of god, the universe or whatever you want to call it. Just think about it; how big are actually the chances of a sperm meeting a fertile egg cell and creating you from all possibilities? There is not even a number that can calculate chances, so assuming you are left without a special gift or talent does not make any sense. The reason why sometimes it takes a while to discover our unique skill, is social conditioning, such as the aim for power, status, money and recognition. Our parents already shape the way we think and later on its friends, teachers, colleges, and everyone in our culture and society. And though they might want to best for us, they might not know what is best for us. We get confused and lost on the path to finding ourselves and start assuming we might want something different than out heart desires, but in the deep inside we know what feels right and what feels wrong to us.

As a child I was all into arts and creativity: pottery, drawing, painting, designing my room, dressing up with costumes, acting like my favourite film character Pocahontas in my backyard and making music of all kinds. My goal was to be a famous actress and stand on a red carpet with a beautiful dress and have all eyes on me. People admiring me for my beauty and my acting skills. My parents where somewhat supportive: payed me singing and piano lessons, helped me apply for a cheater class and came to all performances I had in school or in my singing class. But as the years went by, I was also expected to go to university and study something. No one ever said to me that I would have to walk this path, but it was like an invisible agreement, an expectation I could not reject. Not knowing what I would want to go into, I applied to every university in every big city all around the country and ended up with art history and political science in Berlin. As I do not beliebe in wrong experiences, just in a learning journey, this evolvement was probably good for something, but certainly drove me away further from my passions. It was not until a few years later that I decided to start a career in photography and design at an art university, where I felt much more at peace. Through working with a fashion photographer at this time, I suddenly got myself from behind the camera in front of the camera as a model and a bit later as an actress as well. I could feel the satisfaction in this work and how being in front or the camera, performing, dressing up, going into different roles and taking on different perspectives, fulfilled me on a deep level. But somehow there was still a lack, I could feel deep down in my heart, the feeling of not having a positive impact on the world. It was not until I started my journey of self development that I combined my desire to create on all different levels, with my desire to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. I started finding my voice by staring my podcast PURE HAPPY HEALTHY where I could combine my desire to create something with sharing my knowledge and my light with the world while being my true authentic self. I have never been that committed to something before and took every moment to create content for my podcast. It feels like bliss to me, makes my heart sing, gives me full satisfaction and the thought of having a positive impact on others is truly the best life purpose for me I can imagine.

I want to encourage you to sit down and write down in a notebook all things that you used to like as a child and up till this day. Then ask your parents and childhood friends what you were like as a child and what you were really good at. As children we still have this innocent view on the world without any conditioning, so by going back and remembering, we can slowly discover our true calling again.

What is something that you would like to do every single day of your life, even if you wouldn´t be payed for it, or if others would not understand it?

What is something that you would like to do every single day of your life, even if you wouldn´t be payed for it, or if others would not understand it? What is something you are so passionate about that you would like to speak with everyone about it in every conversation? What is something you would like to share with the world and would like everyone to practise? Maybe now you think that whatever comes up might not suit well, or you think you don´t have any specific passion. But think again: maybe its just talking to other people? Maybe it is sitting at home and reading? Maybe it is traveling and learning languages? I am sure you will find something you are interested in and good at, because as I mentioned before; there is no person on earth without a unique gift or talent. Now if you found what you´re passionate about, write all keywords down and search a connection between them. Maybe for you it is talking and caring for sustainable fashion: you could start a podcast about this topic. Maybe you like to read and be in nature: you could start an outdoors reading club. You see; even if we do not believe that we can combine some of out interests, it is always somehow possible and even if there is no such such as an outdoors reading circle, be the first one to create one. Don´t be afraid to dream big! It is your unique life with the unique chance to shape your reality exactly the way you want to. Just imagine who you would be if there was no fear? What would you do if there was no fear? And what do you miss in your life because you are in fear? The graveyard is the richest place, because so many people took all their creativity and ideas into the grave with them without having created what was in their minds. Do you want to become one of them? Take action now to become the best version of yourself in this lifetime you have been gifted as a beautiful divine human being!

Imagine it is the last day in your life and you are about to leave this world. What would you like to see looking back?

Imagine it is the last day in your life and you are about to leave this world. What would you like to see looking back? Do you want to feel like you enjoyed every day of this lifetime because you did something you loved doing and created value for others and this planet? Or do you want to leave this world with the sad feeling of not having lived up to your true potential, values and purpose? It is on you now to decide to walk the path of love or stay in fear. The path of love might now be always the easiest but it will make your heart sing and let you shine from your core.


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