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Magical Melbourne

Updated: Mar 11

My spiritual home is in Australia. Many different astrologers had already told me that it is my most aligned place to live and from the moment I got there first, I felt home.

Specifically Melbourne offers everything I appreciate in a place:

-incredible safety (caves environment)

-high life quality

-moderate temperatures all year

-beach and city

-stunning nature around

-friendly people

-comparably affordable

-amazing thrift shops

-alternative people

-vibrant queer scene

-best coffee of the world

But let´s start from the beginning...

The Energy in Australia feels so soft and light for me. Everyone is super friendly in a genuine way and extremely open and helpful. I have never felt so safe and protected in my life, which is extremely important for someone with caves environment. Everyone is a bit floaty and not very reliable and punctual though. That is something to get used to for me as a Capricorn German.

The weather is perfect for my taste. There are seasons but it never gets really cold like in Berlin. Even in winter (European summer) it has in average 10-15 degrees. The summers can get quite hot with 25-35 degrees but as its a dry heat, it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

The quality of life is absolutely amazing as the balance between income and living costs is better then in any other place I´ve seen so far. With a "regular job" you can easily afford an abundant lifestyle, which Australians practise actively.

Good cafes are everywhere and it almost gives me fomo to know that I wont every get to try them all because there are so many. Melbourne is known to be the coffee capital of the world with speciality coffee and extremely skilled baristas.

New inventions in the world of coffee will happen here first as well.

The nightlife is also very vibrant and every neighbourhood has its hotspots where all the good bars and clubs will be located. However Australians like alcohol a bit too much, so I try to get myself away from that kind of vibe and seek for more chilled places.

Nature and city are so perfectly aligned in Melbourne. Its a very stretched out place, so in the suburbs, people have little houses with gardens, which bring the greenery into the city. There are many well maintained parks and gardens as well in all different areas and of course the city has beaches as well.


Too many good ones to even check out, but here some of my favourites I tried.

Proud Mary


Code Black


Two Birds one Stone


Citrus (Sri Lankan Buffet)

Just Falafs

Half Moon Cafe


Revolver Upstairs


The bottom end



Goodbuys (more high class vintage)


Things to do:

NGV (Museum)

Great Ocean Road Drive

Queen Victoria Market

Merri Creek Trail

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