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Transformative Mexiko

Updated: Mar 9

Deep transformation always happens for me in Mexiko. I went there first in 2009 for a social service, working in a local primary school in a small town in Oaxaca. I had just finished High School and was eager to leave my little town in Germany and discover more of the world. It was an intense experience with many ups and downs, shaping me and teaching me important lessons.

I kept on coming back to this beautiful country and always explored more parts of it and witnessed the rapid changes it underwent in the last decades.

Many changes have happened over the last decade. Where as back in the days it was almost impossible to find a vegetarian restaurant or even option on the menu, now the industry has boomed. Mostly because it has attracted many people from all over the world in the health and wellness space.

The Energy is vibrant and intense at times. There is always something going on which stimulates all senses. In my experience the place will confront you with all your shadows in order for you to learn and grow. Whereas CDMX is a little bit lighter, Tulum has a very deep and enveloping energy, that is not for everyone.

The safety has improved over the years, however it is important to keep a few things in mind when going there. I suggest not to wear very obvious high class jewellery or clothing items when out and about. Also make sure not to carry too much cash or things of value with you on the streets and pack your important things so you have them close to your body and always an eye on them.

Moneywise in a lot of places you will need cash to pay, so when you withdraw money on an atm, always click the bottom "do not accept the bank currency transversion". Like that you can avoid bad exchange rates.

Always check your return money in the atm, exchange vendors, but also at shops and restaurants. It´s very common to receive the wrong return amount.

Traveling by bus is easy and mostly safe in Mexiko. Just remember to take all your valuables and important items of your luggage with you upstairs and don´t leave it down in the baggage department.

I spend most time in Tulum and CXDM, hence here my recommendations on both places.



Alma Negra


Camino a Comala

Saint Bakery

Meeting Point Coffee Place

Cumbe Coffee Roasters


Motolinea (vegetarian buffet)

Taj Mahal (Indian)

El Rey de Falafel

Pizzas Nosfreratu

Salwas Gastronomia (Lebenese)

Indian Desi Tadka

El Sheik


Pervert (changing locations)

Other things to do:

Chaupultepec park (hangout or boat ride)

Local markets (amazing experience and fresh produce)

Cinemateca (films for less than 5$)

Parque Mexico (hip and young hangout spot)

Getting around in CDMX is pretty safe and a cheap and the subway and busses a good way to get around, but in the evenings and nights, take an official taxi or Uber for transport. Uber, Bolt or Freeride are relatively cheap and quick in the big cities.



Nimeno Bakery



Cara Feliz



La Hoja Verde (vegetarian)

Boccanera (Pizza)

OTTI (Cacao)

Asian Bodega

Pasha (Middle Eastern)


Pizzine (Mondays)


La Guarida

Radio Tulum (Weekends)


Treehouse (Tuesdays)

Palma Central (Tuesdays)

Things to Do:


Sian Kaan Reservoir

Nopalitos Lagune

Azulik Museum


Akumal Snorkeling

Mystica Museum

Getting Around:

You will need a scooter, car or bike.

The cheapest way to hire one is through whatsapp or Facebook Marketplace

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