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Updated: Mar 7

My home and roots are in Berlin and therefore I always come back no matter how much I like other places as well.

I love it specifically for the beautiful people and the vibrant culture, art and club scene.

Compared to many other European capitals, it is still quite affordable and the lifestyle and work life balance unlike any other place.

The best time to visit is between May and September. Late fall, winter and early spring can be very dark, grey and uncomfortable. People are just spending time inside, but once the first rays of sunshine are coming out, the city awakes to new life and becomes very vibrant. Average temperatures then are from 20-30 degrees at the daytime.

The Energy in Berlin is quite masculine and can be harsh. Specifically in winter when it is cold and grey. It is definitely not a place for everyone to live because it can suck people in and bring them to dark places. It requires a strong personality to stay focussed and healthy in Berlin.

In terms of safety it is one of the most secure places I´ve ever been to and have never experienced any strange situation or scary moment in 14 years. I´ve only had a few bikes stolen, so make sure to get some good locks and store it inside the courtyard or your house. Also keep an eye out for your belongings on the subway and in crowded places.

Moneywise, a lot of places still only accept cash, so you should always have some on you, but there are atms and banks everywhere in the city. To avoid fees, I´d go to one of the official bank automats though.

Good to know, is that all shops are closed on Sundays. Best is to get your groceries the day before or even earlier. Most supermarkets are sold out already on Saturday afternoon.

You will not be able to get a SIM card without German registration. So if you travel to another country before Germany, you can get a SIM there and activate free roaming once you get to Berlin. Another option is to get a world SIM online beforehand through amazon

or another provider.

The Public Transport is quite good, although lately there have been many interruptions and irregularities. If you stay a bit longer, it makes sense to get the "Deutschlandticket" for only 49€ and its valid for all regional trains, trams busses in whole Germany for a month.

You need to purchase a ticket before going on board and sometimes stamp it in a machine on the platforms. Otherwise a controller person might charge you an 80€ fee.

Apartments have become rare and like anywhere in the world there is a housing crisis. Therefore Airbnb and Hotel prices have skyrocked and there are very few good options.

I would recommend searching on WG Gesucht for stays. They have longterm and short-term options available. Also if you seek on telegram groups for Berlin Housing you find some good pages.

Fashion is a big thing or no thing in Berlin. Depending on how you look at it. No one really seems to care what they wear and that fact itself becomes a statement. Sometimes it´s difficult to distinguish between a homeless person and a hipster. Therefore it is a great spot to experiment with your style and dare more than you usually would. Bring along your wildest outfits and check out some local clothing shops to get some new goodies.


5 Elefants




Town Mouse




Hummus and Friends

Sanabel Falafel

Cafe Pliz

Nil Imbiss (Sudanese)

Seerose (Vegetarian Buffet)

Chen Che (Vietnamese)

Zollhaus Pankow (Pizza)




Cassiopeia Beergarden

Zollhaus Pankow Beergarden


The one and only for me: Berghain :)

But here some others where I used to go:


About Blank



Plötzensee Dayparty on Tuesdays

Must see:

Tiergarten (Park)

Liepnitzsee (Lake)

Treptower Park

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