Hypnosis is a state of trance in which suggestions can be given to create change on a subconscious level. These suggestions can go very deep and therefore reprogram negative beliefs or behaviours and help to heal from the core. 

This tool is very effective for weight loss, strengthening self worth, getting rid of bad habits, stress management, dealing with fears, inner child and forgiving work, pain relief, sleeping problems and becoming a nonsmoker. 

Many people have the idea to completely loose control over themselves in a hypnosis session, but trance is experienced daily, just before going to sleep or when just waking up and therefore a natural state of mind. It is still possible to talk or being aware of the outside world while in trance and being in complete control over the situation at any time. 

Another common fear is that things will come up from the subconscious mind, that are too big to handle, but the body and mind are always for us. The subconscious mind just brings up as much as is right in this current situation. We will also discuss the topic and what we will do before any session, so you are informed at any time. 

I am a certified Hypnosis coach and have helped many people already to improve their lives on many levels. Get in touch today to schedule your session and heal from the inside!


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