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Frequently asked questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool to create a state of trance, in which it is possible to direct the focus in a specific way. In this state it is possible to enter the subconscious mind and create change. About 90% of us operate from the subconscious mind, where all information from the past and all behaviours and routines are stored. This might not always be in our favor and according to the life we wish to live. With hypnosis it is possible to rewrite all the things that do not serve us no more and replace them with healthier structures.

How does a hypnosis session work?

We will analyse your topic together in a conversation for about 30-45 minutes and go through all questions that might come up in the process. After that we will start with the actual hypnosis and I bring you into a state of trance, which feels like being half awake, half asleep and once you are very relaxed and grounded, I can work with your subconscious mind. Depending on the topic, this step takes between 30-75 minutes before you get back from the trance, feeling fully relaxed and good.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Not at all! You experience a state of trance many times in a day: in the morning right when waking up, just before falling asleep, but also when dancing or excersising intensively, when watching TV or driving a car for a long time. You are in control throughout the whole time if you want to and have full willpower to decide what you allow to integrate in your subconscious mind. Only things you can handle will come up for you and as we go through your topic in the beginning, I will ask your permission for everything we talk about beforehand.

What can hypnosis help with?

Sleeping problems Stress Fears / Phobias Sadness / Losses Addictions (smoking) Loosing weight Bad habits Concentration General wellbeing Confidence Mindset