My relationship with food and my body, was my biggest struggle in life so far, but also has been the most amazing journey and biggest learning experience. I believe that everything happens for a reason and therefore I understand now, that I had to go through a lot, in order to be able to find my mission, of helping others to overcome the same struggles. 

From my own story, I know how desperate and overwhelming it can feel to have a distorted body image and how all topics around the own body can feel like a constant battle; When thoughts about the way you look, take over your whole being and keeps you from living your dreamlife. I felt like I would never be able to live freely again until I discovered the path of self development. I am indefinitely grateful to have grown into the person a am today, as I am the most pure, happy and healthy version of myself possible and found my purpose in helping you to get there as well. 

Let me show you how beautiful it can be to be able to trust your body, to nourish yourself with healthy food, finding freedom of the constant battle about food in your mind and loving yourself unconditionally. 


I grew up in a very open minded family in a town in the middle of Germany and remember my childhood as very peaceful and protected, even though I went through some bullying in school, as my family always stood out with their very bohemian lifestyle and my Mediterranean look. I always felt like an outcast and different and was not confident in my body at all. Fast forward, I struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. At one point I even got breast implants because I hated my body so much and was seeking for validation from the outside until my inner pain got too big and I realised something in my life would have to change in order for me to be happy and confident in my body.


It was a journey of some years to fully heal inside and outside, but on the path I learned how to connect with my intuition and the indefinite wisdom of my body, learned about the different foods and what nourishes the body, became sugar and alcohol free, learned how to accept and love myself unconditionally, and most importantly: I gained freedom from the constant battle that I was fighting against my body every day. It is the most liberating feeling, to finally live my life like I want and put my thought and energy to myself to all the beautiful things life has to offer. 

Since I have already gone through all obstacles, I see it as my purpose and vision to help others break the circle of struggles with your body and your self worth. I want more women to be feeling good and pure in their bodies and with the world around them. 

With the current situation in the world, life has given us the chance to dive deeper within ourselves and finding home. Not only on this planet but also within our bodies. Its time to heal and reconcile with life, mother earth and yourself. 

What are you waiting for: get in touch and come home to yourself. 


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