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The Science of Differenciation

Human Design is a system put together from ancient wisdoms like the i-Ching, Kaballah Tree of life, Astrology and merged with quantum physics, genetics and modern science. 

It is therefore knows as a spiritual science, that can show us the energy constitution in our bodies and how our aura works. 

All information can be calculated by the time, location and date of your birth and shown in a chart which is called bodygraph. Depending on the neutrino influences on the moment of your birth, this chart will look unique for each person and reveals an incredible amount of wisdom. 

The first thing to look at is the type, which is all about the general energy constitution. The profile will tell you how exactly you move through life and is set up through two archetypes expressed as lines. The incarnation cross is your life purpose and what this life is about for you. The activated channels and gates hold a potential or special skill / talent that you have. 

The system is very complex and each chart is absolutely unique. That is why a personal reading can help you understand the full picture. Whether you want to do it with me or another expert, trust yourself that you´ll make the right decision here.  

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