And much much more.

Let me help you to awaken your full potential.

For a long time this didn´t quite understand what that means, I just ate whatever was on the table. Until I went abroad for a hight school exchange year to the United Stated and immediately gained 6 kilo in this first month and 15 more kilos in the following month by having a diet full of sugar and perservatives. I did not only feel unhappy and uncomfortable in my own body, because it was not the size that suits my natural body built, but also suffered from fatigue, skin outbreaks, mood swings and my immune system was weakened and I kept on getting sick. For the first time I realised the connection between food and wellbeing and started to educate myself about nutrition. I managed to loose all the weight in a short amount of time again, but then entered a state where food was loaded with emotions, which led me into anorexia. Only when my weight became critically low, I searched for professional help to really heal my relationship with eating and food.


Now I have not only been healed for more than 10 years but through my story, I have established the closest possible relationship to my body and my needs. I live mostly plant based and completely alcohol and sugarfree and feel healthier and fitter than ever. Plus I finally feel at home in my body and can give it all the love it deserves. 

I don´t want anyone needing to struggle with the same issues as I did, loosing years and years of their lives on diets and self hate and sabotage, because there is so much cool stuff waiting for you out there! Don´t waist any more valuable days of your precious time here on earth and let me help you heal your relationship to food and your body, and therefore also your happiness.

Because you are what you eat! 

My choaching is for you if: 

-You are confused by all the different diet recommendations that enter the news every week again

-You don´t want to limit yourself and your life with any other nonsense diet anymore

-You want to improve the relationship to your body and finally feel home and happy in your temple

-You want to be fit, vital and healthy without needing to take all kinds of pills and supplements

-You don´t want to be trapped in thought cycles all around food all day 

-You want to find the body weight and shape that suits you and when you feel most comfortable

I offer you:


- An analysis of your eating behaviours and triggers 

- Access to the secrets to intuitive eating

- Help to get away from sugar and other processed foods

- Archive your dream body

- Finding selflove

- Creating a positive mindset that will finally bring you back to your full strength

Request your free discovery call now, to see if you would like to work with me!

"I really appreciated the tools Leandra introduced and will continue to use them on a daily basis. Most of all it taught me, that I am the captain of my own ship that is my life and it is up to me where the ship will go. I would recommend the program to everyone who is ready to look into themselves to start the journey and Leandra is such an inspiration in many ways"

Andreas Kook 

"I enjoyed the journey with Leandra a lot. The honesty she sparked inside of me to truely speak to myself, and heal myself was very powerful and important. Thank you so much for holding this space."

Malou Uptmor

"I am greatly appreciative for the effort and time taken to put together this coaching. It meant that I got a clear head and good habits to continue on my own now. I would always be part of her coaching again and can only recommend it to everyone."

Joan Nesbit

"Leandra is a great coach, very loving and caring and has a big heart. It was great to go together through all topics and I learned from it to do something for myself every single day. I got to know myself better and feel more connected with my inner self. Thank you so much!"

Jule Drumm

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